Tonic Continent (2000)

“neoromantically modern and a pleasure to hear.” [Fred Blanks, North Shore Times, 17 October 2001]

Tonic Continent by Andrew Schultz, brought influences of the Australian landscape once more to the fore. Written in 2000, his piece, opened with a triadic lyrical line, which expanded into a broad anthem-like texture.” [Cecilia McDowall, Blenheim Concerts, 12 May 2002]

Tonic Continent, by Australian Andrew Schultz, conjured up images of vastness… rumbling piano delineating the space between echoing strings. The piece was most effective, too, when there was a keyboard backdrop.” [William Dart, New Zealand Herald, 20/4/2005]

“Tonic Continent (played by the Griffith Trio) is a work full of the richest lyricism, warm and vibrant.” [Bob Briggs, Music Web International, September 2008]