Stick Dance 1 (1987)

“Andrew Schultz’ Stick Dance for marimba, James Harper, piano, Valerie Dickson, and clarinet, [Floyd Williams] made a strong impression. As with all the items the performance was strong and convincing. Schultz’ piece, written for Willaims’ at last year’s Musica Nova Festival, is well-shaped with material shared by all players in an interesting way.” [John Colwill, Courier Mail Brisbane, April 1989]

Stick Dance by Andrew Schultz, for clarinet, marimba and piano (6′ 53″) was written in 1987 for Floyd Williams and the Musica Nova Festival. It is a dramatic work which features microtonality and breathy sub-tones for the clarinet. In it there are extreme contrasts of dynamics and instrumental range, as well as ostinati, and static, arhythmic effects reminiscent of Olivier Messiaen. It is a highly effective, avant-garde work.” [James Fay, Klarinet, in]