Stick Dance 2 (1989)

“Stick Dance 2 is based on a piece that was, itself, based on a fairy tale. Its movement through time is light and airy, almost weightless, like a glittering dance?”  [HICKEN, “The Newest Music,” American Record Guide 60:1 (January-February 1997) p.245.]

“This was a brilliant, hard-edged Australia landscape of a piece, with piercing outbursts cutting through sliding clarinet wails, delivered with ambassadorial authority.” [William Dart, New Zealand Herald, 27/7/2005]

“The greatest contrast of the evening was in the performance of the contemporary composition Stick Dance 2 by Australian composer Andrew Schultz. The use by the composer of so many diverse elements including percussive sounds, veiled ethereal imagery and modern instrumental techniques, all skilfully interpreted by these talented players, maintained the listeners’ interest throughout this item.” [Peter Williams, Hawkes Bay Today, 3/8/2005]

“The most inventive piece of the evening was Stick Dance by contemporary Australian Andrew Schultz. The exciting piece made me imagine all sorts of weird contrasting sounds from Australia. Pouncing predators, darting insects, slithery snakes and shrill bird calls were suggested by extraordinary micro-tones and trills from the clarinet and unlimited bowing effects on viola. It was a highly successful performance.” [Margot Hannigan, Nelson Mail, 5/8/2005]

“A work by contemporary Australian composer Andrew Schultz opened the second half – Stick Dance 2. This beautifully explored the wonderful tonal relationships between these instruments. Marked by short rhythmic passages linked by sustained notes of various tone colours, the piece created some extraordinary effects that gained the audience’s attention and further admiration for these very fine players.” [Stephen Fisher, Manawatu Standard, 4/8/2005]