Respiro/Simple Ground (1993)

Respiro/Simple Ground for flute and piano (played by Tim Munro and Bernard Lanskey) is a true virtuoso work. Is it a race? A dance? A ritual perhaps? It’s all of these things and none of them. In its free form it’s liberated from all definitions. Listen to it simply as an attractive, colourful duet for one of the most melodic of instruments in constant discourse with the keyboard, for that, in essence, is what it is. The long coda is especially beautiful, flecks of sound from both instruments, constantly coming to rest before taking off again, but more tired each time, culminating in the exhalation of breath – the most natural of sounds.” [Bob Briggs, Music Web International, September 2008]

“So thanks to Schultz for pushing the finite a little further…His flute does of course sound akin to other flutes, but Schultz sets it to music of his own, and uses it to make a sharply attractive entry into this generous compilation of contemporary music…Schultz moves like quicksilver from one instrument to another, from an energetic mood to a pensive one, never dwelling in one spot long enough to lose the sense of the unexpected.” [Phil Vendy, Fine Music, November 2008]