Peace (2013)

“Peace was composed for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and takes its title from ‘Peace – Burial at Sea’, an 1842 painting by JMW Turner. Schultz’s music seeks to sonically render the effect of Turner’s extraordinary visual masterpiece and succeeds in encapsulating the intrigue and fine detail of Turner’s exquisite craftsmanship. A slowly unfurling melodic discourse paints an image of the sea. As in Turner’s original, Schultz’s score too is peppered with a finely scaled oscillation between light and darkness, and all shades of grey. A sombre work, one that musically resonated most strongly with me of the works featured on this album…Andrew Schultz: Century is a ‘must-listen’ for any music lovers that find themselves thirsting for stimulating, long-form compositions by one of Australia’s great artists, performed beautifully by one of our leading orchestras.” [Alex Raineri, “Andrew Schultz: Century,” Loudmouth: The Music Trust, 28 May 2021]