Music is a gentle hammer (1991)

“When reading the book Receptive Methods in Music Therapy. Techniques and Clinical Applications for Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators and Students, I am reminded of the title of a composition by Andrew Schultz: “Music is a gentle hammer”. Listening to music sometimes seems to pierce body and soul, while at other times it is as if the music is wrapping us up in a gentle breeze. Music allows for inner experiences at different levels and supports a variety of images. Listening to music is a powerful tool, both in music therapy and in everyday use.” [Gro Tronadalen, ‘Book Review,’ Musica Scientiae, 2009.]

“Next we heard another Australian work which the River City Voices know intimately as their regular vocal and aural warm up. Sung from memory and accompanied by a deep drone from the lower strings Andrew Schultz’s Music is a Gentle Hammer was a great display of modern Australian choral writing which is freely notated with the singers tracking their path through the slow moving and gentle notes of the music in an improvisatory and collaborative manner.  As Schultz’s notes explain, “…the words of the piece speak to the idea of collaboration: ‘music is a gentle hammer for breaking down walls.’” And this concert was indeed a wonderful artistic collaboration between the ensembles, composers (four of whom were present in the audience) and artists.” [Pepe Newton, ‘River City Voices,’ Classic Ikon, 24 May 2022.]