I am black (2001)

“Andrew Schultz’s I am black is a strikingly beautiful work.”  [Stephen Grant, ‘Voice of Australia’, MCA Music Forum, February-April 2008]

“I am black Opus 63a is another song with a female perspective. The words are Biblical, taken from the Song of Solomon and also known as Nigra Sum.” [Shamistha de Soysa, SoundsLikeSydney, 13 October 2018.]

“It [I am black] is the earliest of the songs on this disc, and the text, as with Schultz’s superb and erotic Ekstasis for Song Company, comes from The Song of Songs…Tall Poppies production values are strong, with the recordings made over two and a half years, as can happen with varying ensemble membership. A real treat is the cover artwork by biochemist Dr Linden Gledhill. If you’re a digital listener, you will miss his captivating “cymatic’ images. This Moment Must Be Sung is an important recording, capturing Schultz’s songs of the last few years…I hope Schultz continues to be drawn to vocal repertoire, and indeed to setting his own, quite superb texts.” [ Jane Edwards, “This moment must be sung. Chamber songs of Andrew Schultz,” LoudMouth, 2 September 2018.]