Fast Talking (1989)

“The stenographically recorded last words of the American gangster Dutch Schultz, as timed, grouped and choreographed in the Fast Talking of the Australian composer Andrew Schultz (no relation). This piece, which some listeners disliked intensely but which seemed to me a compelling and workable example of musical-theatrical grand guignol . . , was part of what has become a festival tradition: a Friday-night sequence of 20th-century music which escapes from the pauses, typecasting and restraints of normal concert giving.” [Roger Covell at the Huntington Festival 1996, Sydney Morning Herald]

“a wonderful kaleidoscope climaxed in an extraordinary vocal performance by broadcaster and composer Andrew Ford doing a kind of Sprechgesang, Fast Talking, written by Andrew Schultz, based on the dying ravings of gangster Dutch Schultz.” [Laurie Strachan, The Australian, 12/12/1996]

“The single-hander Fast Talking was redolent of the garbled 1960s linguistics of Luciano Berio and Sylvano Bussotti. It is based on the stenographically recorded Last Words Of Dutch Schultz, the American gangster, which composer Andrew Schultz (no relation) repackaged for a Huntington Festival performance by fellow composer, broadcaster and well-known fast-talker Andrew Ford. But as realised here by the Song Company director, Roland Peelman, its bedlam ravings seemed to encapsulate best of all the demented babel-babble beauty of his program theme.” [Graeme Skinner, Sydney Morning Herald, 30 October 2008]