Etudes Espace (1986)

“In his tripartite Etudes Espace (1986), Andrew Schultz accomplishes the neat trick of combining aspects of the first movement’s assertive gestural world and the second movement’s charming rustic tune into a chorale style finale of much power.” [David Cleary, “Australian Organ Music”, 21st Century Music, October 2001]

“Andrew Schultz’s Etudes Espace evokes a lonely sense of space.” [Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald, 4-5 October 2008]

“Except the pieces by Koehne and Thalben-Ball, the remaining selections are world premiere recordings. Most of the composers comment on their work in the liner notes, which is a great help … Schultz’s Etudes include quiet, haunting works (Etude II) with slow, seemingly endless explorations with long held chords. … Bowman displays a fine command of these thorny scores, and allows listeners the chance to experience the full range of sonorities possible with this instrument.” [Donald Metz, American Record Guide]

“The Etudes Espace I-III (1986) by Andrew Schultz combine modern abstract sounds with the beauty of a harmonic choral like an evensong.” [Christian Ekowski, Critic-service in]