Elegy (2017)

“This evocative 4 minute work is extracted and adapted from a larger work, Southern Cantata, and in the composer’s own words “expresses deep concern at the plight in recent years of so many child refugees whose lives have ended at sea.”

A flowing, smooth tonal work, the music tells a story of hope and grief, with rippling piano ostinato figures set against lyrical writing for viola and voice in contrary motion. Another beautiful feature of this piece is musical accessibility – it could be read with ease by intermediate level musicians as well being a moving presentation by professionals. The scoring, like the water it evokes, is transparent. It could be played in various contexts (religious or charity events) as well as a traditional recital setting. It could also work well in a song recital, and would sit well in a program with the Brahms Two Songs for alto, viola and piano. Hear the excellent performance sponsored by the Australian Embassy in Mexico as a tribute to Guatemala, celebrating 200 years of independence in 2021, available through links on the composer’s website. Listen with your heart, think of the continual journeys of refugees and ask, as the poet does, “Is water safer than land?”’

[Helen Tuckey, “Reviews,” Stringendo, April 2022, p. 53.]