Ekstasis (1990)

“The second new work was Ekstasis (1990) by Andrew Schultz and here was originality indeed, with a multitude of anguished, increasingly urgent and complex sounds emerging from a silence that itself added a dimension, finally sinking into calm. This was ecstasy in a sensual, sexual sense, musically transcribed.”[Fred Blanks, Sydney Morning Herald]

“Andrew Schultz’s Ekstasis, from the Song of Songs, with its skilful elevation of dissonance to express emotional agony, was very powerful.” [William Pearce, The Examiner]

Ekstasis, using lines from the biblical Song of Songs, is an earlier less ingratiating work of writhing, sometimes brutal sensuality, emphasizing dissonant convulsive pain (reminiscent of Messian’s Cinq Rechant).” [Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald, 11-12 October 2008]

Ekstasis by Andrew Schultz … offered [an] arresting accounts of the joys and pains of love.” [David Vance, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 March 2004]