Deep blue and dirty (2011)

“A rainbow stretched promisingly across the horizon as the crowds returned to the recital room in the beautiful Mt Barker Summit setting for the second half of the latest concert in the consistently excellent Ngeringa Concert Series…Andrew Schultz’s Deep Blue and Dirty, commissioned by Mark Gaydon was premiered in 2011 by he and Kristian Chong. A virtuosic bassoon part held no fear.” [Peter Burdon, The Adelaide Advertiser, 1 August 2013]

“The evocative title … comes from a piece for bassoon and piano, one of six chamber works on this CD written between 2007 and 2011 by Andrew Schultz. In music that could be described as more ‘deep blue’ than ‘dirty’, Schultz’s flair for mixing music and words is evident, not only in two vocal compositions but also in two instrumental pieces which are influenced by text…. Deep blue and dirty was commissioned by bassoonist Mark Gaydon, who was rewarded with an excellent vehicle for his virtuosic skills. He and pianist Lucinda Collins give a lively performance of a striking work. Two themes open the work, one might be ‘deep blue’ and the other ‘dirty’, the composer tells us. A set of nine variations follow without a break – four on the first theme, four on the second and the ninth combines the two. Open chords on piano and trills on the bassoon introduce long, lyrical melodic lines, then a jazzy central section which fades down to a soft ending. This is a major addition to solo bassoon repertoire… In summary, this is memorable music performed by expert musicians, well recorded and presented.” [Gwen Bennett, “Deep blue and dirty,” Music Trust of Australia, 1 August 2015]

“The composer gives few clues about this piece. Feel free to muse…Mark Gaydon’s bassoon is indeed very deep, but also very high; blue and bluesy or purple or many shades of grey, occasionally grandpa grubby, rather than dirty. Pianist Lucinda Collins keeps pace with him in his own commission, crafted by Schultz to reveal the technical and expressive facets of the wind family’s elder brother. This is material to ponder on. Let your imagination plunge deep, scan the sky.” [Elizabeth Silsbury, “Deep blue and dirty,” Music Trust of Australia, 1 August 2015]

Deep Blue and Dirty showcases Mark Gaydon’s lyrical and full-bodied bassoon playing. The attractive timbral contrast in the bassoon is matched by an evocative piano accompaniment provided by Lucinda Collins. The rapport between the two musicians is highly effective, and probably the standout of the disc.”  [Andrew Aronowicz, “Andrew Schultz, Deep blue and dirty,” Limelight, 2 October 2015]