Collide (1990)

“And speaking about interesting: listen to the longest work on the CD – Schultz’s Collide. There will be not one single moment of boredom. The piece has been written in a variation form and the strong theme gets your full attention immediately. Attention which is aroused every time again with every new variation. In short, the piece and its especially fascinating rhythms will make you sit on the edge of your seat. Extremely well played [by Duo Contemporain] by the way.” [Erica de Wijs, De Klarinet]

“Andrew Schultz’s …Collide features incredible mallet technique from Bernat. This rhythmically complex and technically difficult fourteen minute marathon in one movement is enviably a polished performance…The work itself germinates and builds to a very powerful ending.” [Diana Tolmie, Australian Clarinet, October 1999]