August Offensive (2012)

“One of the most amazing performances that I was awake to hear was the Gallipoli Symphony playing an incredibly moving piece by Australian composer Andrew Schultz. The piece, titled The August Offensive, is part eight of ten orchestrated movements which are composed each year, leading to the 100 year anniversary. At this milestone, in 2015, all ten movements will be orchestrated into one entire symphony. The powerful and emotive music transcended time and space and so skilfully created a vivid picture of wartime.” [Tim Williams, The Share Chair]

“Wedged between these pieces was Andrew Schultz’s August Offensive. The work opened with a truly cataclysmic moment, then dropped back. Flashes of power were shot through with some lovely rich harmonies from the strings, as the piece slowly rebuilt to the devastating cacophony of its opening bar.”  [Madeleine Dale, “Review: The Gallipoli Symphony,” Limelight, 28 November 2015]

“Back into war, The August Offensive by Australian composer Andrew Schultz describes the energy of the conflict. It is a big piece for full orchestra, often loud and dramatic. Occasional softer sections depict a lull in the barrage, but never for long as the thrust of battle continues. It is unsettling and devastating. Emotions are fully aroused as repeated brutal stabs of sound remind us of the ferocity of war. Turbulence subsides as this movement concludes with a heart-wrenching didgeridoo coda.” [Gwen Bennett, “Gallipoli Symphony. DVD recorded live in Istanbul,” Loudmouth – Music Trust of Australia, 29 June 2020]

August Offensive was premiered at the ANZAC Day dawn service at Gallipoli on 25 April 2013, commissioned by the Australian Department of Veteran Affairs in commemoration of the horrendous battles of August 1915 which saw some of the deadliest moments of the war. It is a swirling virtuosic work that is imbued with a deep sense of action and discomfort, though always with an overriding sense of reverence for its subject matter.” [Alex Raineri, “Andrew Schultz: Century,” Loudmouth: The Music Trust, 28 May 2021]