Program notes

Violin Sonata, opus 84 (2010)

  1. 1. Allegro agitato
  2. 2. Presto ritmico
  3. 3. Mesto, lontano
  4. 4. Allegro fluente

Violin Sonata is a four movement work for violin and piano of about 25 minutes duration. It was composed in mid-2010 as a part of an Australia Council for the Arts Composer Fellowship. The first performances were given by Susan Collins (violin) and Tamara Anna Cislowska (piano), at the Leighton Hall, University of New South Wales, Sydney in July 2011 and by Dima Tkachenko (violin) and Marcin Sikorski (piano), for the Opening Concert of Serwaczynski Competition, Tribunal Hall, Old Town, Lublin, Poland in September 2011.