Program notes

Piano Concerto, opus 114 (2021)

I. Cantilena Ocean Sky: Expansive, tender and slow

II. Canticle of the Birds: In constant flight – fast

A large-scale two movement work, Piano Concerto was commissioned by Australian-British pianist Rosemary Tuck and was composed in Sydney in 2021. The two movement shape is similar to my earlier Violin Concerto (opus 55, 1996) – with a slow first movement (Cantilena Ocean Sky: ‘Expansive, tender and slow’) and a fast and dramatic moto perpetuo second movement (Canticle of the Birds: ‘In constant flight – fast’).

The work is dedicated ‘In memoriam to Richard Meale’ and draws on some of the sketches and ideas from his uncompleted piano concerto which he titled Simurgh.

© Andrew Schultz, 2021.