Program notes

Elegy for soprano, viola and piano, opus 102b (2017)

Elegy – The Moon Drowned is a setting for soprano, viola and piano of a text by the Melbourne writer, Katherine Firth. The piece is drawn from a larger work (Southern Cantata for soloists, chorus, baroque ensemble, 2017) which has a duet for soprano and tenor which has been adapted to soprano and viola in this work. For me, the text expresses deep concern at the plight in recent years of so many child refugees whose lives have ended at sea.

© Andrew Schultz, 2017.


The moon drowned in the ocean,

A silver coin.

Is water safer than land?

The towering waters fall, the dinghy floods,

We swallow salt, we swallow blood.

A star arises in the morning,

A deep grey sky, and pre-dawn calm.

The wind calls. A child’s voice.

The waves on the wet sand found him

After the storm.

Text: Katherine Firth, Southern Cantata, 2017.


Click to watch an excellent recent performance of Elegy by Jessica Arevalo, James Munro and Argentina Duran, performing in Mexico City, on Facebook Watch: