Program notes

Collide for bass clarinet and marimba, opus 42a (1990)

Collide was written in 1990 for Duo Contemporain who commissioned the piece with financial assistance from the Australia Council. The piece consists of a theme and variations and is frequently fast and emphatic. The densely concentrated theme contains thematic fragments that are thinned out and examined as the variations progress. This ‘collision’ of motivic ideas in the theme prompted the title Collide. The impact of each collision causes the ideas to bounce and rebound, gradually thin down and rebuild themselves with increasing rhythmic energy and embellishment. Like the contemplation of a steep drop from a precipice, the anacrusis figure which opens the theme and each variation, acts as a catalyst and a still point, like a perfect tiny moment of stillness whilst anticipating the leap to follow.

© Andrew Schultz, 1990