Music and Emotion: ABC-TV Big Ideas

The next episode of the ABC-TV show, Big Ideas has performances of Andrew Schultz'  One Sound and After Nina (played by the Australia Ensemble) and a discussion with Emery Schubert, Emma Ayres and Andrew Schultz about Music and Emotion. The program can be viewed at...

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“This is music for eternity” – a recent CD review from Germany.

“…the loss of nature and the diversity of species on our planet and the disappearance of beauty in a completely exploited and spiritually vacuous world. This pain is, however, not articulated via atonality and harsh dissonances, rather with an almost transcendental harmony in which the melancholy regarding all that is irretrievable assumes the form of a beauty that takes leave of this world and yet remains facing toward it. Precisely in its serenity and inner calm, this music has something both heartbreaking and deeply moving…”

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News Archive 2012

2011 Performance Highlights
Six new works saw the light of day for the first time in 2011.

Two brilliant violinists premiered the Violin Sonata – an ambitious large work in four movements written in 2010. Australian Susan Collins performed it in Sydney and Hobart with pianist Tamara Ann Cislowska and Ukrainian violinist Dima Tkachenko and pianist Marcin Sikorski performed it in Poland in a concert before the annual Wienawski competition in Lublin. Susan Collins and Sue-Ellen Paulsen presented the short duet for violin and cello, Indigo Invention, in their Sydney and Hobart concerts.

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News Archive 2010

The Song Company’s release of Schultz’s Song of Songs has continued to garner great reviews. David Gygar writes, “ the whole CD is … a delicious hour of wallowing in the voluptousness of amorous verse impeccably sung. … It deserves a very wide listenership indeed.”

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News Archive 2011

Premiere performances in 2010-11

Stille Sprache – three songs for soprano, violin and piano Felicitas Fuchs, Aki Sauliere, Bernard Lanskey, 18 February 2010, La Loingtaine, Paris, France.
Quintet for clarinet and strings Paul Dean and the Australian String Quartet, 14 August 2010, Bangalow Festival, New South Wales.

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News Archive 2009

Suspended Preludes is the title of a new CD (Chamber Music of Andrew Schultz Volume 2) that has recently been released on Tall Poppies (TP171). The disc contains Barcarole, From Fire Country, Night Flight, Respiro/Simple Ground, Sleepers Wake – Karalananga, Stick Dance III, Suspended Preludes, 12 Variations and Tonic Continent. Writing in Music Web International, Bob Briggs said the “question some people will be asking is, ‘is this Schultz guy worth investigating?’ and the answer, most certainly, is yes….

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News Archive 2008

Premiere performances in 2007-08
• Endling for orchestra; Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra/Volmer, 14 November 2007, Federation Concert Hall, Hobart.
• The Children’s Bach (libretto, Glenn Perry after Helen Garner), two act opera; director: Chris Kohn; conductor: Brett Kelly; 19 June – 5 July 2008, Merlin Theatre, Malthouse, Melbourne.
• Ghosts of Reason for orchestra; Adelaide Symphony Orchestra/Volmer, 26 and 27 September 2008, Adelaide Town Hall, Schueler Composition Award Commission.

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News Archive 2007

Journey to Horseshoe Bend, was a finalist in the 2006 AMC-APRA Awards for Best Vocal Work. The CD of the work was labelled one of the best 80 CD releases in 2006 by the Sydney Morning Herald. ‘Cantata Journey’ is a 30 minute documentary film about the work made by Hart Cohen and screened on ABC-TV in …

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News Archive 2006

“Often I start with two things – one is the conceptual or artistic idea, the other is the musical idea. And the conceptual idea with Falling Man/Dancing Man was to do with the photos that I’ve referred to in the program note – the falling man and the dancing man – and then digging into them and what they represent. I kept being drawn back to the individual; the way an individual suffers being no different from a million people. But the musical…”

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