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Three songs from the Maritimes (2008)

Three songs from the Maritimes for four part choir was commissioned by Gondwana Voices Limited in 2008. The first performance was given by Gondwana Voices at Futter Hall, King’s School, Parramatta, Sydney on 24 January 2009. The pieces are arrangements of three traditional folksongs from the Atlantic north-east coast of Canada; the Maritimes area has a fantastic folk music tradition drawing on Irish, French and English traditions.

I. Carrion Crow (1 minutes 45 seconds duration)

1. A kangaroo sat on an oak,
To my inkum kiddy kum kimo,
Watching a tailor mend a coat,
To my inkum kiddy kum kimo.
Kimineero kiddy kum keero,
Kimineero kimo.
Ba, ba, ba, ba, billy illy inkum,
Inkum kiddy kum kimo.

2. Bring me my arrow and my bow,
'Til I go shoot that kangaroo,

3. The old man fired, he missed his mark,
He shot the old sow through the heart,

4. Bring me some 'lasses in a spoon,
'Til I go heal that old sow's wound,

5. Oh, now the sow is dead and gone,
Her little ones go waddling on,

II. Bright Star of Belle Isle (3 minutes duration)

One evening for pleasure I rambled
To view the fair fields all alone,
Down by the banks of Loch Errin
Where beauty and pleasure were known.
I spied a fair maid at her labour,
Which caused me to stay for a while;
I thought her the goddess of beauty,
The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle.
"I own you're the maid I love dearly;
You've been on my heart all the while.
For me there is no other damsel
Than my Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle."

III. Sable Island Song (2 minutes 30 seconds duration)

On the stormy western ocean,
Just eighty miles from land,
Lies a barren little island
Composed of grass and sand.
You're chasing crazy horses
From daylight until dark,
Or hunting up wild cattle
By famous Gordeau Park.
Ye go out to pick cranberries
For government men to chew,
And help to buy some salt horse
To feed the lifeboat crew.

© Andrew Schultz 2008



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